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Oocyte Maturation

This technique is intended to facilitate In Vitro Fertilization.

Before In Vitro Fertilization, ovarian stimulation is usually conducted through the injection of gonadotropins and the consumption of hormones in medication, which will achieve the maturation of multiple eggs.

However, with the In Vitro Maturation technique, ovarian stimulation is not essential. On the contrary, the oocytes can mature outside the body, before In Vitro fertilization. Therefore, it is not necessary to inject gonadotropins into the body, nor to consume hormonal medication (or at least in high doses). Thus we reduce the discomfort and expense involved in the ovarian stimulation stage in patients. This technique is used in cases where patients suffer from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, which means having multiple follicular cysts, which create an unfavorable hormonal environment. Moreover, the goal is to prevent our patients from being exposed to Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome. This technique can also be used in oncology patients who will be subjected to chemotherapy and radiotherapy, without this giving us time to perform conventional stimulation. Therefore, the collection is done any day and the embryos mature in the laboratory.

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